Tuesday, March 26, 2013

   Elder Peterson and Elder Daniel fishing at Lake Oswego, OR

Hey family,
So Elder Peterson and I are safe. That is to say, neither of us are being transferred. We have six more weeks to bring this area to life! Bad news...we are losing the car today(
 We received the dreadful news on Saturday. Apparently other missionaries need it more than we do. So I am really excited for the area. WE are getting the ward to do more activities, so they can invite friends to come to a nonthreatening environment of fun and stuff. We are having an easter egg hunt/breakfast this next weekend. We are also having a game night in a few weeks as well as a model rocket launch with the elders quorum. We're thinking we are going to get a rocket to launch. 
   So the new missions go into effect on July 1st. That means two more transfers till it happens. I will keep you updated. So the guy we went fishing with was actually a friend of Elder Peterson's that use to live in Layton. He is now less-active, so we were seeing what we could do to help him. He's not really interested in coming back to church right now. He says he is just lazy. Seeing him made me see the importance of going to church every week. It reminds me of the scripture that talks about Satan leading someone with a flaxen cord. It starts out simply missing church once, but over time, it escalates. Before you know it, you are less-active, and don't want to go to church. 
   It finally seems like spring here. It's warming up (a little), and the trees are beginning to blossom. It's raining quite a bit more. I'm sure I'll see the real meaning of "April showers bring May flowers."
Well, love all you
Keep it real
Elder Daniel

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey Mom,
That's so sweet! Everyone is leaving on missions! Crazy. Life in the OPM is going awesome. We are still in a little teaching drought, but we have a few potentials that look pretty potential. How's Shelby doing? Does she leave for Texas this week? So we went to the Portland aquarium last week. It was really lame. I took a picture of the coolest part for you guys. Today, we are going to OMSI. I don't know what it stands for, but it's a sweet science museum with a mythbusters exhibit right now. I'm pretty stoked!  
   You guys should send some pictures! I want to see your temple pictures. So we get to go to the temple once every three months. We went in January and it was awesome. It's such a beautiful temple. The weather seems to be getting nicer. The other day, we were cooking in our black suits, but we can't take them off until general conference. 
  So our days basically consist of a couple hours of tracting and visits to less active and active members. We don't really have investigators, so we are really seeking referrals and investigators through tracting. We're definitely doing a lot of finding. We have the usual people that we see every week. Caroline is our one recent convert. She lives in an assisted living home, and we are helping her work toward the temple here in a couple months. She is awesome. We are also working with a guy that is trying to give up an addiction. we had a really neat experience with him this last week. So as we were preparing to teach him, I felt like we should share Alma 24. This is when the anti-nephi-lehis are converted to the gospel. They want so badly to refrain from evil that they bury their weapons. Of course there would be reasons or excuses to not bury them (like maybe self defense), but they were willing to trust in the Lord and give it all up. By doing this, they were saved spiritually, and were a great example to the Lamanites, which resulted in mass Lamanite conversion. So the cool part about this story is that before we told him what we were going to share, he said he just finished reading ALma 23 in his personal study. We were able to read the next chapter with him, and it really hit him hard. We all have our own spiritual weapons. What are we willing to do to bury them? The promptings of the Holy Ghost are so sweet.
  I haven't really eaten anything interesting.
  How was the musical? Can you send some pictures?
Well, you guys have a great week. 
Peace out
E. Daniel -- 

                          Look at those handsome guys!!!!!!  The shades totally make the outfit!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello everyone!  Parker is now in Moreland, Oregon, which is a suburb of Portland.  He is on his 3rd companion...Elder Petersen of Layton, Utah.  He said they have a car right now, but doesn't know how long it will last, as the mission bought a few gearing up for the influx of new missionaries.  He is doing great, could still use letters, and has been out for exactly 5 months!  Woo hoo!!!  If you send letters or packages, send them to his Mission home address...this address will work for the rest of his mission.  

Elder Parker Jon Daniel
Oregon Portland Mission
1400 NW Compton Dr. Ste. 250
Beaverton, OR  97006
United States

Monday, December 17, 2012

We got pictures!!!  
Parker and Elder Stuart at Silver Falls

Monday, November 5, 2012

New address

Hey everyone!  We've got Parker's address, if you would

 like to write him...we know he'd love to hear from you!

Elder Parker J. Daniel
870 Foothills Ct. NE Apt. 104
Keizer, OR 97303-2198

His Trainer, in the photo below, is Elder Stuart from
Great Falls, Montana.  He only has 3 months
left on his mission, and is showing Parker the ropes:)