Tuesday, March 26, 2013

   Elder Peterson and Elder Daniel fishing at Lake Oswego, OR

Hey family,
So Elder Peterson and I are safe. That is to say, neither of us are being transferred. We have six more weeks to bring this area to life! Bad news...we are losing the car today(
 We received the dreadful news on Saturday. Apparently other missionaries need it more than we do. So I am really excited for the area. WE are getting the ward to do more activities, so they can invite friends to come to a nonthreatening environment of fun and stuff. We are having an easter egg hunt/breakfast this next weekend. We are also having a game night in a few weeks as well as a model rocket launch with the elders quorum. We're thinking we are going to get a rocket to launch. 
   So the new missions go into effect on July 1st. That means two more transfers till it happens. I will keep you updated. So the guy we went fishing with was actually a friend of Elder Peterson's that use to live in Layton. He is now less-active, so we were seeing what we could do to help him. He's not really interested in coming back to church right now. He says he is just lazy. Seeing him made me see the importance of going to church every week. It reminds me of the scripture that talks about Satan leading someone with a flaxen cord. It starts out simply missing church once, but over time, it escalates. Before you know it, you are less-active, and don't want to go to church. 
   It finally seems like spring here. It's warming up (a little), and the trees are beginning to blossom. It's raining quite a bit more. I'm sure I'll see the real meaning of "April showers bring May flowers."
Well, love all you
Keep it real
Elder Daniel

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